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Located in the heart of Western Australia’s pristine Southern Forests near Manjimup, ValleyView Organics apples are grown with care. Our cool climate produces high-flavour, crunchy apples that deliver a sustained, low Kj and low GI energy and concentration burst. They also come packed with a host of health benefits, including some only recently identified by leading food scientists (read more about fabulous flavonoids here).

Choosing organic apples – grown locally and in season - helps ensure a bright, healthy future for farming families, farmland, agricultural communities and surrounding natural landscapes. Choosing Aussie-grown also means far less food miles, which is far better for the planet we all know and love!

ValleyView Organics, under parent company Newton Orchards, is an Australian Certified Organic producer by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). We have been SQF-certified since 1997, with a current Excellent rating and score of 99, and are certified suppliers to both Coles and Woolworths.

A fourth generation is now growing up on the orchard at ValleyView … these are the apples our kids eat.